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Edit a file using AI


OttoDocs Edit allows you to use AI to help edit your code files. Provide a file name and a goal, and OttoDocs will return a generated version of the file. You can even specify the starting and ending lines for the edit, or choose to append the results to the file:

Example: otto edit main.go --start 1 --end 10 --goal "Refactor the function"

otto edit [flags]


  -a, --append        Append to the end of a file instead of overwriting it
-e, --end int End line
-f, --force Force overwrite of existing files
-g, --goal string Goal of the edit
-h, --help help for edit
-s, --start int Start line (default 1)
-v, --verbose Verbose output

Options inherited from parent commands

  -V, --version   print version


  • otto - Document your code with ease
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